115 – What to do when it feels like no one supports you

Episode 115 - What to do when it feels like no one supports you

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Transcript of episode

Hi loves

Do you feel like your family and friends don’t support you with your illness?

I’ve been there.

When I was diagnosed and going through recovery I had friendships end, a relationship break up, I even had family members who refused to accept that I was unwell. Even now, one particular person still refuses to acknowledge it, and that’s with knowing about all the hospital appointments etc.

We all want the world to give a monkey’s when we get sick.

We’ve had a life-altering experience, why isn’t the world feeling this too?

Ultimately, as with anything else in life, the world doesn’t have the same motivation, the same why, or the same experience to care at the same level that you do. The world is not you.

Just as when an alcoholic decides to get sober, they’re not going to find support and understanding in the pub, someone with an illness isn’t going to find support and understanding amongst most healthy people, especially when you think about how many of us take our health for granted.

You can’t wait for the world to get on board if you want to recover. Waiting slows you down. External support is great, but it’s the internal support you need.

Have you got your own back?

Rather than focusing on who isn’t supporting you, focus on where you need to support yourself. Using their lack of support in an “I’ll show you” kinda way can be great motivation, and it’s in the daily small habits where recovery happens. The small changes you make each and every day. One by one, bit by bit.

Drink more water, add more healthy foods, reduce the unhealthy ones, movement, allow yourself to rest, break big tasks into smaller manageable ones.

Come up with small things, small wins, you can do each and every day.

Focus on being steady and consistent.

Have some patience. It’s not an overnight win, if only. When it doesn’t happen quickly, we can end up hating ourselves, and making ourselves miserable. Having patience is about having a good attitude whilst you wait. Listen to episodes 113 and 114 for more on self-kindness at times like this.

If you’d like to know more on recovery and how to redefine your life on your terms, reach out to me to see if my SHIFT to alignment 8 week coaching programme is a fit for you. You can book a free introductory call via the shownotes, my Instagram link in my bio. I can’t wait to see your journey.

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And remember, you are worth it, and you get to choose

Have a lovely day