Episode 098 – Are you sick of your own shit yet?

Episode 098 – Are you sick of your own shit yet?

I got to this point in early 2012, and thanks to the proverbial onion layer, again in autumn of 2022, but didn’t want to face up to it until I had to earlier this year.  What point am I talking about? Being sick of my own shit.

Today I share a few questions for you to ponder on to help move you forward.

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Transcript of episode

Hello loves,

I got to this point in early 2012, and thanks to the proverbial onion layer, again in autumn of 2022, but didn’t want to face up to it until I had to earlier this year. What point am I talking about? 

Being sick of my own shit.

I was the one holding me back. I was afraid to face the grief that I had been shoving down for over a decade, afraid to stop putting others first and myself second because what if they abandoned me and rejected me the same as had happened in childhood, and I was completely unaware of how it was truly affecting my life. I would plan and go to bed thinking “ok, we can do this from tomorrow”, and then tomorrow would arrive and I’d do the same things I’d been doing every day previously, and guess what? No different result came my way. Yet I still hoped that everything inside me would shift and go away on its own and I’d be miraculously motivated to change direction and no longer feel the awfulness I was feeling and the need to control everything around me.

But that isn’t going to happen.

Hate to say it, but change only comes when we get so sick of our own shit, and have to face up to it, that the only way out is through. Through the hard work that will get you there.

It’s not always going to feel good.

It’s not always going to feel simple.

It’s definitely not going to be perfect.

But it is possible.

For change to happen, you have to get serious with yourself. You have to take accountability for your actions and behaviours, and what you have done to get yourself here. Get honest. Get real. Stop putting the blame onto others, and start looking at how you are creating where you are now.

Grab yourself a pen and paper, and start here:

Reflection questions:

What is currently holding me back? This one is all about you. If you list anyone else other than yourself here, you’re not being honest with yourself.
What habits am I unhappy with? This is everything from what you’re eating, to not moving. Even on my worst M.E. days I would still do gentle stretching, laying down on the sofa. Movement is movement, and doing absolutely nothing makes your muscles and the pain worse. Keep the blood flowing!
What is currently my biggest hurdle to get over? This one could be external factors.

Next we plan:

What is step one I can focus on?
What will I need to say no to?
What can I do more of?
How will I stay focused when things get difficult?
What will I choose to do when tired, hungry, afraid, or just don’t feel like it?

It can be easier at the start of something, so now is the time to set in place ideas of what you’ll do when things get hard. And they will. They always do. There’s plenty of research to show that the good stuff is always on the other side of hard. Easy is to walk away. Hard is to stick with it, to persevere for what you really want.

Remember that nothing changes if nothing changes. If what you’re doing isn’t working for you, you will never see a different result, so – are you the one holding you back?

Well, that’s it for this week.

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And remember – you are worth it, and you get to choose.

Have a lovely day.