048 – What’s your one thing?

Episode 048 - What's your one thing?

Welcome to episode 048 of the podcast! It’s great to see you.

Today I’m giving a sneak peak into a coaching session with me.  

This is at its most basic, because you’re not with me for my intuition to pick up on what you’re saying, to ask different questions, or to call you on your crap you tell yourself and others, which is my fave part of coaching and being coached, seeing the blind spots and shadows of what we don’t see or don’t want to see. 

You may have noticed that I like the Life in Align podcast episodes to be bite-sized, so I’m also not covering all the questions I’d typically ask so that we can still keep this bite-sized giving you time to answer the questions for yourself as we go through.  

We will get creative and come up with a few ideas of what you could do to help you with your one thing. This is not what you WILL do, but about what you COULD do, even if it seems a little crazy or impossible.  Some of my biggest achievements have come out of the crazy.

What’s your one thing?

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